About the Competition

How will coffee be selected for this auction?

The coffees will be cupped, graded and judged by a panel of qualified and experienced national judges, using the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Arabica Coffees Score sheet and Protocols. We have appointed Head Judge Danny Pang (Singapore) to oversee the entire process of the International Jury Round.

National Cupping Jury

The National Jury will manage the initial preselection and creation of the long list for later cupping rounds. This jury will provide a balanced view of coffee from around Rwanda in equal measures of washed, naturals, honey processed coffees.

This will be made up from 13 Q Graders in Rwanda who have assessed the initial submission of coffees from all coffee producers. Each submission will be expected to meet specific requirements to be taken further. One of the basic requirements is that all lots should be Specialty Arabica Grade and have a cupping score of 86 points and above.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Roasting: 11 and 12 August 2021
  • Calibration & Green Grading: 13th September 2021
  • Cupping Sessions: 14 and 15 September 2021

Meet the National Jury

  • Grace Mukayisenga (Head Judge)
  • Gashema Olivier
  • Uzziel Habimana
  • Alphonsine Musabyemariya
  • Niyonsaba Regine
  • Claire Kampeta
  • Laetitia Mukandahiro
  • Arsene Mustafalo
  • Denyse Umutesi
  • Emertha Mukabavugirije
  • Mukankusi Felicité
  • Mwizerwa Hervé

Meet the National Roasters

  • Kuramugabo Adalbert
  • Safari Jean Bosco
  • Valens Ngwabije

Meet the International Roasters

Following the national Jury cupping round, successful coffees were sent to our official roasting partner for the event; "Saint Coffee Roasters", in Hackney, London. Where Head roaster Marcello expertly roasted the coffee following strict roasting guidelines and protocols dictated by our International head juror Danny Pang.

Our in house Q grader and Sensible's Head of Coffee Nicolas Pastellopoulos acted as a moderator to ensure consistency and compliance for all samples sent to the International Jury of 30 professional tasters and Q graders.

International Cupping Jury

The best coffees will be taken forward for further cupping by an international jury where they will be shortlisted for the final lineup of coffee which will be ordered from 1st through 15th based upon their final score and auctioned to international buyers.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Roasting: 25/26th August 2021
  • Calibration & Green Grading: 9th September 2021
  • Cupping Sessions: 10th September 2021

About the international jury

  • The International Jury will be managed by our Head Judge Danny Pang (Singapore) who will invite 30 professional tasters and Q Graders to cup the coffee.
  • All 30 judges will be professional tasters or Q graders for importers around the world.
  • We will roast all the coffee together in the UK to gain a consistent roast for each coffee.
  • Sensible Development will provide support to the Head Juror through Nicolas Pastellopoulos who is our Head of Coffee and also a Q Grader.
  • The top 10 coffees will be re-cupped, Round 4, to establish the final line-up for the coffees in the auction.
  • We will use the feedback from the jury as the basis for detailing the coffee on sale in the auction to you the buyers.
  • This final set of coffee samples will be sold and distributed to the buyers as they register, and purchase samples sets.
  • All samples will be dispatched from the United Kingdom.
  • All shortlisted coffees will be secured by the CEPAR to guarantee the quality and identity of the coffee sold to the buyers during the auction.

Meet the International Jury

Head Judge: Danny Pang

Coffee Works

  • Anderson Wong from Haru Coffee in Taiwan
  • Weinan Huang from Some Fusion Coffee in China
  • Heqing Zhou from Wah Shing Coffee in China
  • Brian Turko from Milano Coffee Ltd in Canada
  • Anson Wong from Elephant Grounds Roastery Limited in Hong Kong
  • Jordan Dabov from Dabov Specialty Coffee in Bulgaria
  • Jasmine Jungmin Lee from Marisstella Coffee in Korea
  • Shaun Ong from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy in Singapore
  • Levina Wong from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy in Singapore
  • Gloria Soh from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy in Singapore 
  • Jimmy Chung from Wah Shing Coffee in Indonesia
  • Michael Utama from PipeLine Coffee Roastery in Indonesia
  • Indra Wira from PipeLine Coffee Roastery in Indonesia
  • Adi Taroepratjeka from PT. Be;ajar Kopi Bersama in Indonesia
  • Mia Taroepratjeka from PT. Be;ajar Kopi Bersama in Indonesia
  • Willying  Surya from Bloom Coffee Project in Indonesia
  • Fei Fei Zhang from Fei Fei Coffee in China
  • Roland Glew from HasBean x Ozone in the UK
  • Thinness Nikolis from Kudu Coffee Roasters in Grece
  • Zhiming Chou from Season Coffee in China
  • Shengli Ni from Season Coffee in China
  • Cong Zhou from Season Coffee in China
  • Ding Feng from Season Coffee in China
  • Kristin Junyi Zhao from S.O.E Coffee in China
  • XiaoMan Jin from Jin Xiao Man Coffee in China
  • Edison Kuang from Mi Yuan Coffee in China
  • Jie Yang from China
  • Chartree Treelertkul from Peaberry Limited in Thailand
  • Merouane Chachoua from Supremo Kaffeerosterei in Germany