Lot 1B: Nova Coffee, Lot 1 Natural

Originating from the volcanic mountains within the Northern Province of Rwanda, Nova Coffee uses their optimal growing conditions of great soil, sun and rainfall to produce coffee that makes the world a little better. By carefully conserving the land and double checking the beans by hand they have created a rich and smooth coffee that is the pride of Rwandan women.
Nova Coffee pride themselves in implementing ethical and social practices across their organisation. They focus on growing, processing and promoting sustainable coffee, whilst forever striving for a better life for their farmers and the community that surrounds it.
Building housing for the poor, constructing roads and wells, and providing mirror credits to their farmers is just some of the work they do.

Lot Description

Reference Number:1B
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:396.83 lbs
Varietal:Mixed local varieties
Producer Cupping Notes:Aroma/Flavour: Red Plum,Blackberry, Rum, Cherry Liquor, Gooseberry, Lime | Acidity: Complex. Citric and phosphoric components present in the cup | Other: 70% Dark chocolate finish. Overall juicy and plush
Drying Method:Sun Dried

Farm details

Farm Name: Northern Province
Region: Gicumbi, Gicumbi
Farm Elevation: 1,800-2,000

Other info

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