Lot 11B: Micof Ltd, Lot No 3 Cyingwa Fully Washed

Micof Coffee’s objective is to produce, transform, commercialize and export high quality fully washed coffee. Believing that the impact of the coffee farmers in the community has to be felt positively, they strive to form partnerships with the local communities they source their coffee from.
Micof coffee growing farmers are highly trained individuals, this ensures they only have the best coffee beans to offer. As well as this they believe in helping the communities around where they get their coffee from, such as providing small libraries in each classroom of a local primary school.

Lot Description

Reference Number:11B
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:1,322.77 lbs
Varietal:Mixed local varieties
Process:Fully Washed
Producer Cupping Notes:Aroma/Flavour: Red Apple, Brown Sugar, Fig, Lilac, Clove, Red Berries, Hints of Orange | Acidity: Citrus like, malic and juicy | Other: Silky mouthfeel, harmonious interplay of flavours and tactile components
Drying Method:Sun Dried

Farm details

Farm Name: Micof Ltd
Region: Western Province/Rusizi District
Farm Elevation: 1,500-2,000

Other info

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