Lot 9B: Caferwa, Lot 3 Nyamagabe Fully Washed

Grown in the volcanic soils in the western province in Rwanda. The volcanic soil’s clean acidity gives the coffee a full body of flavour and a chocolate fruitful aroma.
Caferwa is a coffee exporting company which started in 1995 with an aim of exporting coffee to different parts of the world. In 1998, Caferwa stopped its operations due to the coffee crisis all over the world until 2003 when it resumed but with different objectives of improving the quality of coffee.
Caferwa Sarl plans to build dispensaries to secure the health of the citizens in different regions, providing coffee growing farmers and their communities with long term support, giving them access to education and providing them with schools and educational facilities.

Lot Description

Reference Number:9B
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:1,322.77 lbs
Varietal:Bourbon Arabica
Process:Fully Washed
Producer Cupping Notes:Aroma/Flavour: Brown Sugar, Mature Lemon, Apple, Peach, Guava | Acidity: Malic | Other: Bright, sweet and delicate
Drying Method:Sun Dried

Coffee details


Type of soil: Sandy clay loam

Climate: Tropical climate

Average rainfall: 1100mm

Farm details

Producer Name: Kigeme
Farm Name: Caferwa
Region: Southern Province/Nyamagabe District
Farm Elevation: 2000m -2500m

Producer Story:

A brief story:

Kigeme Washing Station is located in KIGEME/NYAMAGABE/Southern Province. This coffee grows at an altitude of 2070m. Kigeme CWS is among our washing station that has a big organic coffee plantation with 6.4 hectares of coffee plantations that is in process of certification. Kigeme CWS has a capacity of producing 100 MT of parchment coffee per season.
It is located close to Nyungwe forest, intense rainfall throughout the year, and all cherries are harvested from elevated hills. Caferwa also owns its own organic farm at Kigeme CWS.
Kigeme coffee has Malic acidity coffees and complex floral in aroma. Kigeme coffee is also undergoing organic certification and we expect to be accredited by 2021.

Other info

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